Third Episode:  Cancer

Hello to our world-wide audience

Welcome to our show with Dr. Huang’s One Needle Therapy

Many people after being diagnosed as having Cancer

Feels that it’s the end of the world

Many often choose surgery and chemotherapy

As a treatment method

Today, we invited Dr. Huang, the originator of one needle therapy

Licensed acupuncturist Dr. Jin Jun Huang

To share with us

How traditional Chinese Medicine deals with cancer

And provide audiences an alternative new choices

Hello Dr. Huang

Hello Moderator

Hello to all the audiences and viewers


First segment:  Etiology of cancer according to Traditional Chinese Medcine

Cancer is currently one of the top ten causes of death

And according to study

In 2014, more than 1.66 million people

are newly diagnosed as cancer patients

and more than five hundred and eighty thousand people have died

due to cancer

why are there so many people suffering from cancer?

In fact, there are many causes of cancer

From the Traditional Chinese Medical point of view

There are four main causes

First of all is the stagnation of qi (energy) and blood

The second is the emotional factors

Third factor is irregular life style

Other than that is the environmental factor

Then can you explain to us

What is qi (energy) and blood stagnation and its situation

Chinese Medicine believes Qi (energy) is the driving force of all

human activities

Various functions of human activities

rely on the normal operation of Qi and Blood and sustaining them

If for some reason the Qi(energy) function is disrupted

There will be qi depression, stillness, qi gathering and

In time becomes stasis or what we call stagnation.

If qi stasis and blood stagnation is prolonged, then the body will

Produce heat

Heat will damage the fluid and form sputum

Finally, the formation of phlegm is the condition

Blood deficiency causes qi depletion, but if Qi is blocked then

Qi and blood are not flowing, in time this forms blood stagnation

The prolonged stagnation becomes a tumor.

Chinese medicine believes that is the cause and formation of tumor.

Were there cases of cancer in ancient times?

The Surgery Da Cheng mentioned the loss of glory:

After the loss, the six urges fail

Unadjusted the tunnel of phlegm, condensed into fire

It’s the disease of one percent survival.

Doctor, you just mentioned loss of glory

What is lost glory?

Lost glory refers to the loss of appearance

The glorious appearance is lost.

This means

To describe the appearance of the cancer patient

Very thin and brittle without glory

So the patients at the late stages are off of their looks

So you can see from the exterior

Then you also just said

Emotional factors also is an important factor contributing

To cancer

So what is this emotional factor referring to?

First factor in terms of healing

Refers to the seven emotions

Joy, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, surprise

The seven emotions are expressed

Over-Joy damages the heart, anger damages the liver

Fear injures the kidneys and over pensiveness or anxiety injures the spleen

Sadness injures the lung

So various emotions can potentially damage and injure the internal organs.

One’s mood will affect the balance of one’s internal organs

And this is when there is a problem

I have heard this saying among people

That anger will cause cancer

When you are angry, the anger damages the liver

We have just talked about the injury to the liver.

In general, the cancer patients

If you get angry and cannot control your emotions

If you get angry often, your chances of getting cancer

Is 2 to 3 times higher than healthy people

Wow!  That high!


Especially lung cancer

You smoke when you are happy

Many people say that smoking can relax their stasis

But in fact, people who love to get angry and are smokers

Their chances of lung cancer will be higher

US scientists also studied a natural anti-carcinogenic substance inside the heart organ

They discover that when people are joyous and happy

There is more substances secreted

Conversely, when people are unhappy and depressed

When they are pessimistic without hope

There is substantially no secretion.

In fact, we can do the same with acupuncture

Let your mood improve

Oh, you can do that with acupuncture?


Stimulate your heart

Cause the increase secretion of this anti-carcinogenic substance

So acupuncture is excellent

Toward the effectiveness of aiding treatment of cancer

So through acupuncture

We can stimulate the cells to become active

As we have talked about before

The concept can move up

Right, yes

That is to say, of course

When you are happy, the chance of getting sick

Of course diminishes

Yes yes

Then what does irregular life style refer to?

One is irregular diet

Another is lack of proper rest or sleep

Then there is stress, mentally and physically.

These are primarily the three factors

We now know many environmental factors

We know that many of the food products are now genetically altered

Many of the food have been injected with growth hormones

According to statistics

Severely polluted areas and regions

Have higher chances of getting cancer

So do you have any opinion as to the

Environmental factors on increasing the proportion of cancer?

Including air pollution, water pollution, food contamination

Our food now

Have added artificial and chemical additions such as hormones or steroids


Sometimes we can have the Chemical substances under control

But sometimes the added stuff

Like chicken, duck, are injected or fed growth hormone

Many Americans eat the chicken, pork

They develop through puberty quite early

This is an obvious factor

This is affecting the human body

Like the Japan’s radiation leakage last time

And viruses

Viruses including Ebola virus or SARS

And then there are others we do not know

Like mosquito bite is considered a virus

One type

Of course, now the etiology of cancer

Really have not been identified precisely enough

To tell the patients specifically

What caused your disease

But these are all pathogenic factors that contributed to the disease

That our audiences need to be especially aware of

Dr. Huang just reminded us

All factors which may contribute to cancer

We will take a break

And continue with Dr. Huang

To share with us

How Traditional Chinese Medicine deals with Cancer


Second Segment (Treatment of cancer)

Welcome back to our show

Faced with cancer

How do you deal with it, Dr. Huang?

Chinese Medicine’s treatment toward cancer is to first expel the “evil”

Detox and promote blood circulation to resolve stasis

Then we follow up with what’s called “assist the righteous.”

Detox include several pathways

Through defecation, urination and perspiration

Promote blood circulation and resolve stasis basically is to

Promote apoptosis of cancer cells or inhibit their growth.

Assist the righteous basically refers to improve one’s immune system function

Role is to stimulate and enhance immunity to combat cancer

Reduce the side-effect of chemotherapy

Wow, then how do we achieve detox?

Mainly through acupuncture method to detox

Upon being needled

Every patient has one reaction

That is sweating

Then the defecation and urination amount increased

So all three pathways are included

That’s how the effect of acupuncture if reflected

In these three pathways

So play the role of detoxification.

When I leave the needle trembling

Is to help the patient move and exercise

One is to effectively eliminate the stagnated blood

Also to increase the capacity of anti-bodies

To improve the righteous Qi, and enhance the immune system

Expel all toxicity from the body

To restore the natural function

Then the just mentioned circulate blood and resolve stasis

How can we move the blood and resolve stasis?

The main function of acupuncture is to open the meridians

Many people would say

Hey, what is meridian?  We cannot see it

In fact, it exists


It’s like the air travel pathway

Nobody see the route correct?

But planes fly according to their rout/pathway

Just like the meridians

Many describes the meridians are like the freeways

When there is congestion

Everyone have experience with traffic jam

When the meridians are blocked

It’s much like the freeway congestion

When I open the roads with acupuncture needles

Then the blood circulation improves

And effectively play the role of “move the blood and resolve the stasis.”

You described it very clear with the fly routes

I would like to ask

Which acupuncture point do you normally choose?

Point selection

Of course depends on individuals

Just like cancer, there are different types of cancer

Such as lung cancer, gastric cancer, they are all different


Everyone would be different of course

But mostly on the DU meridian or DU channel

All the internal organs are reflected on the spinal column

Du meridian because it is the Sea of Yang meridians

It governs all the yang of the body, so it is called “governing vessel”

It is the dominant meridian of the 8 extraordinary meridians

It also links the six yang meridians

So through hand diagnosis, I pick a primary point

Then select a couple of supplementing auxiliary points

It’s different for different patient with different conditions

Such as lung cancer, I would choose a few points of the lung

If it’s gastric cancer I would choose stomach points

Then for the following points I will mention

Each point has a corresponding organ

For example, Dazhui (Big vertebrae)

It is in between the seventh cervical and first thoracic vertebrae

Its main function is to reduce fever

Because cancer patients

Most of them have heat

The so called heat will be prone to heat illness, producing cancer

Stasis over time will do the same

So in general

My main point would be Dazhui

It will reduce fever and tonify the weak

Weakness of the cancer patients are due to

Chemotherapy treatments

Also due to their lack of righteous Qi


We have also mentioned the

So called assist the righteous qi and expel the evil

When there is a lack of the righteous qi, we can also use this point

To improve the righteous qi

The second point is what ancient folks called Taodao (metal pathway)

The ancestors are very smart

In fact, why they named his point as its function

They have included the focus of the therapy

Taodao (metal pathway) is the pathway to detoxification

The third point is Shengzhu (body column) point

Located below the third thoracic vertebra

It is right in the middle of DU Meridian

So the entire spine

So called body column

It is exactly symmetrical to the lung

The lung organ point is on the Urinary Bladder channel next to it

So for lung cancer patient

Or patients with phlegm and sputum

I would choose this point

The fifth is called Shengdao (Spirit Pathway)

We all know that Chinese Medicine infer that the Heart governs the Spirit and sanity

So many patients at the later stages suffer from poor sleep

I would insert this point

To assist with better sleep

Then the righteous Qi increases

When one sleeps well, emotional states will improve also

The seventh point is a very important one

It’s also a very important point on the DU meridian

That is Zhiyang Point (extreme sun)

To the extreme Yang

Yang, is what supports our righteous Qi

All qi in its most Yang form

Can be called extreme Yang point

Many people are in fear of cold

Due to lack blood, when you are anemic

You will feel cold, correct?

So I use this point

To elevate the Qi

Some people, especially for females

Usually are very cold

After needling this point, they immediately feel the effect

After one session, they no longer feel cold

So this is a very important point

Let’s continue downward

The eighth point is the Stomach

The ninth is Liver, also called Jinsuo(muscle contraction)Point

The tenth is Gallbladder

The Eleventh is spleen

These are all relative and corresponding to specific organs

On the Du Meridian channel also corresponds to the organs

The twelfth is also stomach

Kidney is the primary focus for the lumbar

The point Yaoyanguan (Lumbar sun gate) is located below the fourth lumbar vertebrae

There is nothing on top, but

As long as we see it

That all organs are reflected on the DU Meridian

So my treatment

Basically focuses on using the DU meridian

Wow, sounds like

Audience must have gain a lot of knowledge

Ordinarily, we may not think

DU Meridian is so important

But having Dr. Huang’s analysis

We must take good care of our spine

Having a healthy spine

Means healthier body

Let’s take a break

And we will continue shortly.


Third segment:  Treatment Cases

Welcome back to our show

Doctor, we know that the average person getting cancer

Or friends and family who got cancer

The first thought is

To find a western medical doctor for surgery and then chemotherapy

So what situation do majority of patients come to you?

Most patients seek help from Chinese medicine

After they had surgery

After chemotherapy, they need the conditioning therapy from Chinese Medicine

Secondly, there are the advanced stage patients

Having missed the best time-frame for surgery

They look for alternative Chinese medicine

Third, there are the elderly who cannot tolerate the harsh invasive conventional treatments

Surgery is invasive and harsh, so the conservative treatment is preferred

Of course, through the cooperation between the doctor and the patient

That is a very important aspect of the treatment

We just heard you share

That patients who sought your treatment for cancer

Are toward the advanced stage or elderly patients

Perhaps their body may not tolerate

So can you share with us some actual

Treatment cases

For cancer, I’ve treated many patients

There was a 81 year old male

From discovery of cancer

in 2012, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer

And he began seeing me

He brought his lab reports

Which showed a 26.7 PSA index

Which is a very high index

He told me he cannot do surgery and want to see if acupuncture will help

I agreed to treat him

I informed him that if he cooperates, he has chance for improvement

He said he believed me and had faith and confidence in me

The treatment therapy continued smoothly

In April, he went to test the PSA index again

It was dropped down to 8.9

Wow, that’s a lot

Yes, he was very happy

Yes, of course

He said “You see, I knew you can help me improve”

In fact, many men have the problem with Prostate

It isn’t much of a problem, just need to relax psychologically

And the therapeutic effects are excellent

If you look at his 2014

Versus the April PSA index dropped down to 4

By June, I’ve treated him 103 times

The report for PSA index in June reduced down to 0.34

Wow, that’s almost none!


He said your treatment is almost

Making me more normal than normal, so he was very happy

He said, now I can rest and take a break

I don’t need to come so diligently and in such frequency

Some people may have a high PSA index on the lab report

But it’s not to the extent of cancer

So for patients of this type

Is it better to start acupuncture treatment early

To reduce the effect of the disease

That’s a very good question

Because I’ve seen so many of these patients

For male who have high prostate index

Actually many such patients exists

They do not know how to treat

For example, taking medication, or considering when at the stage of surgery

Right, if you are young, no need for surgery yet

Then they see my success in treatment

After this patient, many were referred to me for acupuncture

Many of the patients experienced actual result

With PSA index reduced to normal

Wow, that sure makes everyone happy


Then let’s look at from the patient’s own experience

From 2012 to 2013, I went to Dr. Huang for acupuncture treatment twice a week

Every time when Dr. Huang uses the electro acupuncture on me

I feel my entire body tremors

Just like the muscle on my whole body quivers

I laugh and called it a “delicious” feeling

It lets me shake my whole body, like exercise

And it feels awesome

I am 82 years old and I feel like I am 40

And Dr. Huang’s treatment made me feel so comfortable

Physically and mentally, I felt better

This is all due to Dr. Huang’s treatment

The doctor is very happy seeing his recovery

I see him with good Qi and color

Not at all like a cancer patient

Yes, he is very happy

Every time he comes to my office, many patients who sees him says

Wow, he has cancer?

You have mentioned that cancer patients who sought Chinese Medicine treatment

Are mostly elder patients, perhaps he is not suitable for surgery

He belongs to the relatively advanced stage

Do you have such cases to share with us?

I have such a case

This is a 50 year old patient diagnosed with stomach cancer

When she first came to see me

She was hopeless, been to the hospital

Doctor said the cancer metastasized to the liver and cannot operate

So I treated her with acupuncture for three month

Her entire aura was improved and had improvement in energy level

She felt that she was not ill at all

Perhaps the doctor misdiagnosed

So she wanted to do another lab test

And she actually discovered zero index for cancer



Because Chinese Medicine through acupuncture, we adjust the qi both directions

Meaning that we can increase the righteous qi

And assist in detoxification, increase circulation and move blood and resolve stasis effectively

Of course, in Chinese Medicine,

We say if there is righteous qi within, then evil cannot stay

This means

If you have sufficient righteous qi

All the evil pathogens cannot affect your body

So for such a patient with such an effective treatment

Should be very comforting psychologically

I believe adjustment of Qi both directions is very important

It differentiates from the Western medicine

Then within your cases

Are there others you can share with us?

Our third case is a lung cancer patient

We know that basically when doctors announced lung cancer

The survival rate is but three months

They tell him “ you have 3 months left.”

This patient was an elderly gentleman 80 years of age

The extent of the cancer was inoperable.

In his mind, he told himself

I’m 80 years old, I’ve lived enough


So whether my treatment works or not, I should just relax

Oh, so he really relaxed

Yes, relaxing actually improved his treatment effect

Yes, improved

He also exercised daily, which was also helpful

Then I treated him with acupuncture and herbs

He lived for 2 more years


And when the time came, he had no suffering

Basically acupuncture is a treatment that does not damage

So it sounds like choose acupuncture as a treatment may be actually very good

For cancer patients

We know that cancer patients are suffering emotionally

Also the family members suffer

To endure a long term battle

Do you have any advice or recommendation for cancer patients?

For their emotional and mental stability

For patients diagnosed with cancer

You try and make them happy

It’s actually very difficult

But do your best to keep a balanced emotion

Listen to some music and try and relax

Then find something enjoyable and fun to do

Of course that’s very important for them

Then Chinese medicine focuses

On the so called prophylactic

Or that when you are not ill, you prevent from getting the illness

That would be the best

When you are not sick, you should be prevention oriented

In fact, many people don’t pay attention to tiny details

Like when someone grew a nodule

A big node on the body

On the gluteal region

He said I had this node for many years

It was when he felt discomfort when sitting

With pain he came to see me

He asked, do you have a way to help me with this?

I felt the node and it was a hard

And deep

When it finally came out

It was deep with pustule secretions,

deep as the small finger

I told him that he must be more cautious

Should it have gone into the blood and infected the blood

Or toward the end

Becomes a tumor

So you need to be aware of even the very tiny details

We could all have ignored such

Yes, the doctors stressed that heat will cause inflammation

Which may lead to cancer

Audiences need to be aware of one’s life style

We need to change

Confucius say: a small leak will sink a great ship

Don’t suffer great loss due to a small ignorance

We want to thank Dr. Huang

For coming to our show to share with us

Thank you

Thank you

Thank our world-wide audience

We will see you next time