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Part 1


Dear Global Audience and Friends

Welcome to our show “One needle Therapy with the Wonderful Dr. Huang”

Diabetes Mellitus has become a global health problem

According to International Diabetes Federation

Among the population ages 20-79 in the year 2013

Over 380 million suffered from Diabetes

And the affected number is estimated to reach 600 million in 2035

There will be more and more sufferers

And diabetes in its advanced stage is very painful

Today, we are pleased to have invited

The originator of Huang’s One Needle Therapy, Dr. Huang Jin Jun

To our show to share with us

How to prevent and treat Diabetes

Hello Dr. Huang

Hello moderator

Hello audience

How does Chinese Medicine view Diabetes?

What are the differences from Western medicine?

Chinese medicine in ancient time named Diabetes “Xiaoke” (Wasting and thirsty)

The meaning is wasting the consumption and easily hungry and thirsty

Wasting the consumption therefore vulnerable to hunger

Diabetes symptoms include “three more and one less”

Which three are more?

Three more refers to “eat more” “drink more” and “urinate more”

Polydipsia (much drinking), polyuria (much urinating) and polyphagia (much consumption)

And the less refers to the weight becomes reduced

Chinese medicine and western medicine are in fact consistent in judgement on the symptoms

But in Chinese medicine

From Han Dynasty’s classic literature “Jin Gui Yao Lue” (Golden Cabinet classic) by Zhang, Zhong Jing

“Xiaoke” (Wasting thirsty) or Diabetes were already documented

With these three symptoms

So it was already recorded


What is the etiology of diabetes according to Chinese Medicine?

With regards to the treatment and etiology of diabetes

Western medicine believe it’s due to problem with the insulin

Chinese Medicine believe it’s due to dysfunctions of the San jiao (triple burner)

San Jiao (Triple burner) dysfunctions refer to which three Jiao?

San Jiao (triple burner) is what we call upper, middle and lower burner

Upper jiao (burner) is heart and lung

Lung problem causing it to drink more

Drinking more is upper burner

Heart is the same

Middle burner is problem with the spleen and stomach

Spleen and stomach are like a blender equipped with horsepower

Stomach is like a blender

With horse power one can eat and eat a lot

But small intestine cannot absorb all

So if it cannot be absorbed, you are eating in futility


Lower jiao (Burner) is kidney and urinary bladder

Causing symptoms of polyuria( more urination)

So simply speaking

Is to eat and drink but weight reduced, correct?

Initially there is obesity

Advanced stage there is weight reduction

Because the pancrease is responsible in the body

For digestion of lipid, fat digestion function

When pancreas is damaged

The entire body’s fat cannot be digested and eliminated

Diabetic patient why are they obese

Because there is no way to break down fat for absorption

Diabetes in the early stage may be obese

Then later as it progresses, becomes thinner slowly


Because the digestion is poor correct?

The intestines, because of diabetes worsening

The liver and kidneys are damaged

The small intestines cannot absorb well

Even if you ingested, cannot be absorbed

No nutrients

Thus thin down


No nutrition so of course becomes thinner

So this sounds like

It’s also related to kidney and pancreas

It’s also corresponding to all our internal organ correct?

Is diabetes closely related to the internal organs?

Yes, very much so

It is to say that Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole with all organs

Not just heart alone or spleen alone by itself

All organs are closely interconnected

Diabetes is a typical disease caused by the imbalance of the internal organs

From the beginning, in fact it’s reflected in the spleen and stomach

Then slowly it affects the kidneys

And continues to affect all other organs causing disorders

We can look at this picture chart

This heart liver spleen lung and kidney

Chinese medicine’s five element theory affects the five internal organs

From the entire five element controlling sequence we can analyze

Diabetes progressing starts form the spleen

When spleen generates heat

Then it starts the progression of diabetes with earth generating heat

The symptoms are polyphagia (increased consumption)

The second is spleen controls kidneys

Or controls the kidney waters

Kidney water when controlled

Will produce a kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency

Is it what we refer as to renal failure

It’s the early stages of renal failure

From kidney water unable to control the heart fire

Causing heart fire

Heart fire will manifest in cardiovascular diseases

Or problems with sleeping

Heart fire excess will control or restrain the lung

Lung when damaged will cause depletion of jing and ye (essence and body fluids)

So there is the manifestation of polydipsia (increased thirst)

This way the upper Jiao (burner) will have more thirst and more drink

Will this cause bad temperament also?

Where is the lung controlling now?

Lung controls the liver

Therefor the metal controls the wood

It’s to say that when lung controls or restrains the liver

You will see what you just mentioned “bad tempers”

Problems with the eyes

Or hand and feet numbness and tremors

Very bad temper and aggravated easily

Where is the liver now?


Liver controls earth

So it controls spleen and stomach

Producing spleen and stomach yin deficiency

Manifesting the symptoms of the middle burners in diabetes

Wasting consumption with prone to hunger

Looking at its entirety,

It appears that diabetes within the organ system

Starts from the problem with spleen

Then it affects and controls other internal organs that are interconnected

And evolves into an opposing cycle

Yes, it’s from chronic untreated spleen and stomach

Progressed onto both Yin and Yang deficiency and manifest as wasting and thirsty syndrome or Diabetes

Later stage, the kidney is damaged and afterward

Chronic last stage induced to patient with renal failure

Accumulated from many years

Renal failure becomes proteinuria

These are symptoms of the post renal failure

I’ve seen many diabetic patients in their advanced stages

They may later have to have amputation of their limbs

The necrosis of the limbs where the limbs fester, it’s really very hard

So diabetes is not only problem with the spleen and stomach

It’s only a beginning

Toward the end, in fact, it is related to all the organs

All the organs are interconnected

Yes, all organs are in turmoil

Do you think your health is still okay?

Yes, besides, listening to you

I really understand why diabetics toward the advanced stage

Would have renal failure

There is a reason

I’m discovering that Chinese medicine’s has a very profound understanding

On the relationship between diabetes and the five element and internal organs

Yes, everyone has a different body constitution

Through the five element operation cycle

Even though there are millions of individual differences

But all the general development and progression of disease

Is in accordance with this cycle of progression

So listening to you

I think I understand

Even though it’s started from spleen and stomach, but because the theory of controlling cycle of the five element

So caused the dysfunction and lack of coordination among the internal organs

Thus losing its function

I believe our audience and friends would definitely want to know

How Chinese Medicine treat diabetes

Let’s take a break

We will return shortly



Part 2

Welcome back audience and friends to our show

Dr. Huang has just analyzed for us

The etiology and progression of diabetes

Or course it starts from the problems within the stomach and spleen

Then due to controlling or restraining cycle

Causing the disharmony and dysfunction of all organs

How does Chinese Medicine treat diabetes?

Chinese medicine treatment first focuses on the Spleen and stomach

Once the stomach and spleen functions improved

Then the interior and exterior spleen and stomach have been strengthened

Then it can start to control kidney

When the kidneys are strong

The water is sufficient

And can nourish the liver

When the liver is strong

Then it can control the excess heart fire

Kidney water once sufficient

The liver fire will reduce

The heart fire will also reduce

Of course, heart and small intestines are interiorly exteriorly related

Once the small intestine functions improved

Then there are enough nutrients to the spleen and stomach

This will produce a virtuous healthy nourishing cycle

All organs function return to normal, then afterward

The diabetes symptoms will also improve


Turn the draining cycle into a nourishing one

So what is your most familiar treatment with acupuncture

How is diabetes treated?

What is the mechanism?

Acupuncture treatment in fact, the major mechanism

Is to reduce the blood sugar mechanism

It’s to stimulate the vagus nerve

That can control blood sugar

Causing the body to normalize its insulin secretion

Early diabetics are fat, slightly overweight, correct


Perhaps some may be thin

But fat due to messed up metabolism

Too much fat will inhibit the secretion of insulin

So acupuncture when used for weight reduction

Can at the same time cause the insulin secretion to become normal

It’s to say the same mechanism allows for blood sugar normalization

And normalization of insulin secretion


Sounds pretty good

And increase the insulin

And also become thin and healthy

Then afterward, the body functions all slowly improves

Can you then share with us

some of your clinical cases

Clinical cases, in fact, many have diabetes

Everyone knows now there are more and more nowadays

I’ve seen some very typical cases

One is a 66 year old female

She was using and dependent on insulin injection

Sometimes before meal if she forgets her injection, she would faint

That serious

Very dangerous

When she came to me for hrtr lower back pain


Lumbago, she sprained her lower back

She came to see me

For the faint pain

I knew she was suffering from diabetes

Because she and I are old acquaintances

A mother of a friend

I told her

If you came earlier to see me

This would be easily controlled

Will be alleviated

“Oh, I’m afraid of needles, I don’t want to be needled”

She has lumbago and she had to get needled

But after I needled her

She said after the treatment, the swelling died down

Swelling disappeared


My acupuncture improved her kidney functions

Water metabolism improved

So the edema disappeared

Lumbago is no longer painful and edema is gone

And her appetite improved

Because I tonified her stomach

The small intestine’s absorption improved

Making things more appetizing

So this patient was very happy

She said she didn’t know acupuncture could treat diabetes

In fact it really didn’t hurt


I discover you have many patients who went to see you for something

But you accidently cured him or her of other diseases in addition

Are there other cases

That he came for chief complaint A

But you discovered he or she is a diabetic

So you treated that also

There actually really are

It’s not due to blood sugar or diabetes that the patient came to see me

Like a 70 year old female lady

She came to me telling me

Doctor, I want to lose weight

To be thinner

Can you help me lose weight?

I told her of course

Acupuncture can help with weight loss

During the course of weight loss treatment

Acupuncture treatment for a couple of time

She felt the effects were good

She said before her abdomen was extended, now it’s flat

She asked me

Can you also treat diabetes?

I asked her if she had high blood sugar

She confirmed

“I had diabetes for a long time”

Always been on medication

She asked if I can provide concurrent treatment

To see if there would be some effect

I agreed

I asked how high her blood glucose was on the lab

She told me it was 312

Which was pretty high

I told her I will treat her concurrently with the weight loss

Treated her spleen and stomach

Through needling the abdominal area to adjust spleen and stomach

Her abdomen also shrunk

After one therapy session with number of treatments

About a period of one month

Her blood sugar after one month

Do you know how much the blood glucose decreased?

How much?


Ha ha!, that’s a lot


She was happy and so was I

This patient, actually, was very cooperative

From the start for the first month treatment

Although it was only ten treatments

But every week, twice a week

This type of treatment

And an unexpected surprise

What surprise? There is more surprise?

This lady went to the western medical ophthalmologist appointment

For cataract surgery

She went

And then returned

She came to see me in the afternoon telling me

Doctor, I didn’t take any medicine

Only you provided acupuncture

Why are my eyes cured


It’s when I adjusted her spleen and stomach function

I used one acupuncture point on the liver channel

Guan Ming Point (Light clear point), a point on the gall bladder meridian

Liver and Gall bladder together when I needled her at the time

But the unexpected results is that surgery is no longer needed for the eyes

The ophthalmologists told her that she did not need surgery

“Your vision is better than mine”

She was so overjoyed she deliberately came to see me


Because you helped her eliminated her belly and improved her beauty

Without expecting she was cured from her diabetes and cataract

That’s so wonderful

Listening to what you said

Thin people are not  all exempt from diabetes symptoms?

Because in fact it’s related to the thickness of the fat

It relates to how much is pressured or suppressed


Because many diabetic patients came to me

In fact, some are skinnier than me

She would ask me, doctor, I am so thin

How come other diabetic patients are fat?

Why would I have diabetes?

I told her that diabetes, in actuality, the fat

Is not looking at your real fat but lipid accumulation


Lipid suppresses the insulin secretion

Causing high blood sugar


So we must be cautious

Sometimes when we weight ourselves

In fact, it’s not the weight problem but the problem of fat


Weight loss is primarily by exercising

One is to be cautious and see if the blood sugar rises

You’ve mentioned exercise

Are people who don’t regularly exercise are more likely to have diabetes

Because there would be more fat accumulation

When you don’t exercise, of course, your fat accumulation increases

When you exercise, your muscle will be more developed


Do you have other cases to share with us

In fact, there are a lot

One female, with edema and swollen eyes

Like spleen

Spleen causes the edema of the upper eye lids

Kidney causes the edema of the lower eye lids

This patient in fact had edema all over the body

Her diabetes was in its advanced stage

Very typical

Basically amputation would be in order

When she came to me, the pediedema (swelling of the feet)

The feet were like a loafs of bread, very plump

Can hardly fit into the shoes

Always came in sandals

The first time she came, she sat


Of course she was introduced by her sister

Her sister insisted and forced her to come

Because she has a family full of western medical doctors

She told me

Acupuncture can help me with the problem of edema

I’m already at the advanced stage of diabetes

Can it be treated?

She came with a skeptical attitude

I told her to try

Of course, if the effects are good, she would lose nothing

So we begin treatment

She was resisting to even herbal medicine

The body was very weak because the kidneys functions were poor

I wanted her have a very apparent improvement

It’s to eliminate the swelling

Basically after four treatments of acupuncture

Her pediedima dissipated

The fourth time she came to see me

I see her wearing shoes

The swelling basically disappeared

This is such a good case

Very happy for her

Let’s take a break

In a while, we will ask the doctor to share with us

How to prevent diabetes

Part 3

Welcome back audiences and friends to our studio

People say that Diabetes is a rich man’s disease

Normally should be living well and eating well

Nutrition should be sufficient

How is it a problem from diet?

Diet directly affects the therapeutic effect

Sun Simiao was the first person in the world to propose that

A pioneer of diet therapy

He mentioned once

Diabetes patients have three excessiveness

Which three

One is Drinking alcohol

Two is over exertion during intercourse

Third is salt and carbohydrate intake

Because salt enters the kidneys

So it affects the kidneys

The carbohydrates ingested produces more sugar in the body

So if one does not control the diet, even a golden pill or amazing medicine will not help

Dr. Huang

We know that diabetic patients often needs to control their diet

Is it just eating less

Or not eat less the carbohydrate or not eat at all

Is this the correct understanding?


Whole grains are grains that tonify the internal organs

If you do not eat the whole grains your internal organs will be relatively weak

The fundamental theory of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine therapy mechanism is

As I eliminate the disease itself

I Increase the body’s own heathy functions

In other words

Our immunity when strengthened, our body will be strong

If you have the ability to eliminate or control or suppress this disease

Eating food has the same logic

Eating less or don’t eat

Will cause malnutrition and debilitation

How can you improve to fight and contend the disease, correct?

So for one’s diet

Things you should eat, you eat, and control things you shouldn’t eat

That’s all

Dr. Huang

Why is diabetes considered as an invisible killer?

Why is there such a saying?

Because the clinical manifestation or symptoms of “three more and one less”

Actually isn’t very obvious and apparent at the beginning

If you wish to detect diabetes in its early stage

Observation of symptoms alone is insufficient

Many people because they usually do not pay attention

Until one day

Your eyes become unclear

You go to the hospital for check-up and discover it’s due to diabetes

Affecting the retina

Or one day you go to the hospital for check-up due to cardiac diseases

You found yourself with glucose metabolism abnormality already

So treatment of diabetes must be early detection and early control


Even better is to pay attention to daily regimen for wellness

Early prevention is the key


You just mentioned that diabetes have other complications

So how do we prevent diabetes?

Is there any key factors we should know


Diabetic patient has insulin suppression due to fat

First you must lose weight

The second you must pay attention to your diet

Food, high in fat, always have impact on the body

Another is the control of intake;  excessive drinking or excessive intercourse

All will have negative impact on the body

I think everyone is more concerned about one problem

That is, is diabetes hereditary?

Will it affect our next generation?

In fact, there is such cases of diabetic family history

The probability for the next generation to have the disease will be relatively higher

But a point must be cleared

That genetic

Not diabetes itself

But induced diabetes caused by physical factors

So one way of prevention is through regimen of wellness

Keep good health

Then the probability of becoming diabetic will be educed


Listening to what you’ve said

I remember, in the Yellow Emperor’s Classics, it was also mentioned

Living normally, eating controllably and never overexert oneself sexually

I believe the body will be healthy

Thank you doctor for coming today to our show

To share with us the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus

Thank you

Thank you

Also thanks to our global audience to view One needle therapy with the Wondrous Dr. Huang

We will see you next time