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Approximately 550 million people worldwide have died because of a stroke

The stroke patient’s age is declining on a yearly basis

The 50-90% who survived

Will suffer from paralysis, aphasia

Various levels of motor movement dysfunction

Severely affecting their lives

At the same time, heavily burdening their family and society

The ability to restore to a normal life is the most urgent desire of the patients

So, today, we once again invited

The originator of the “one needle acupuncture therapy” Dr. Huang

To share with us about how to treat Sequelae of stroke

And facial palsy or Bell’s palsy

Hi Dr. Huang

Hello moderator, hello everyone

Dr. Huang, what are the symptoms of stroke?

Stroke in Chinese Medicine is differentiated into two

One is stroke of the organs and one is stroke of the meridians

In the Yellow Emperor’s Classics, Da Jue (Big Dedication) was mentioned

Da Jue is the stroke of the organs

Bo Jue (Thin dedication) is the stroke of the meridians

That is what we call a stroke (suddenly fainting and unconscious)

Is the large/big stroke.

A small stroke refers to the facial paralysis

What causes stroke?

Speaking from etiology, it’s internal vacuity/deficiency and external excess

Internal vacuity or deficiency refers to insufficient qi (energy) and blood, Liver and Kidney deficient

Stroke affects patients mainly between ages of 40-55.

After age 40 usually

But now the age for stroke onset have dropped

Perhaps in frailty, troubled by diseases, over-stressed and long term emotional disorders.

Or perhaps over consumption of alcohol, improper diet, too much sexual intercourse, accidents, etc

Under these long term illness circumstances

Eventually led to an internal vacuity or deficiency

External Excess refers to phlegm blocking or arresting the brain

Our treatment mainly focuses on cerebral resuscitation,

Move the brain cells, open the portal, support the righteous and eliminate the evil

So from what you are saying

I believe some people are more prone to getting Stroke, correct?

Stroke patients usually have three elevated index

High blood pressure (Hypertension), high cholesterol and elevated glucose (diabetes)

People with these three elevated index, in comparison to normal

are about 2-3 times more likely  to have risk for stroke

especially among the elderly

When one falls, then the cerebral vascular bleeding brain causes stroke

also, when one is older

More likely to be Qi(Energy) deficient and blood deficient

Often, stroke occurred during early morning

when one visits the bathroom, You discover one had a stroke and fell on the floor

It’s because one tried to forcefully defecate

Such force ruptured blood vessels and caused stroke

We generally know

Many people having a stroke, at the onset of the phenomenon

May not even be aware of it, and may not react accordingly

And simply did not know s/he is suffering from a stroke

What are the symptoms or indicators we can remind our viewers

In fact, these symptoms may be cause by such a precursor to stroke

The first is memory loss and lack of focus, lack of attention

There are a lot of people who will have such phenomenon

Is there a differentiation between young and old?

Stroke, in fact can

Affect children as well

Many people do not even know

Especially when lacking attention, unfocused

It indicates that there is insufficient blood in the brain

So one need to be aware

Of kids behavior as well, not only for elderly

The second symptom is vertigo, spinning, a high pitch cicada-like sound in the ear

We call it tinnitus in Chinese Medicine

It’s very typical symptom due to Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency

The third is spasm of eyelid

Take a look at the upper and lower lid blinks

Some say that the left eye spasm is for wealth, the right eye spasm is for disaster to follow, correct

Then you have to note that this is a bad symptom

The fourth is the numbness of the scalp and four limbs

The scalp feels like many needles causing the numbness or hand and four limbs become numb

It represent that your blood is not circulating

Especially in the morning when you first wake up

There are lots of people with this symptom

I’ve seen many patients also

Who describes that the hands are numb, especially when waking up

Perhaps sleeping position is wrong pressuring the hand

This type of numbness, even if there is no pressure from external, it is still numb

The fifth is the automatic thumb

The automatic thumb refers to when sitting

Many people habitually turn their palms up

The thumb is moving automatically

So you need to observe

The sixth is slowed speech and motor movement

It is to say that when there is the likelihood that the cerebral vascular blockage

The motor movements become relatively slow

Regardless of age, this is not related to age

Then there is the drooling of saliva

Drooling is a forecast of stroke

Eighth is apathetic sleep

In fact, many people have this

When one is tired also

Mainly due to because we want to sleep, we yawn

The phenomenon is due to cerebral hypoxia, insufficient oxygen

But the most important thing is to look if the blood pressure is normal

The ninth is headache

Headache is the type of continuous headache

Not related to the headache that happens once in a while

But the type of headache that’s continuously painful in one spot

That is called blood stasis and need to be very cautious

Is it possible for a person to have headache

For example, today had a headache for a while and stopped, then the second day continues

Does this count as continuous or does it have to be non-stop continuous?

It’s the same time continuous pain

In addition accompanied by the feeling of nausea and urge to vomit

If one wants to throw up, then need to be very cautious

The feeling is very close

Similar to if we fell on our head due to an accident

Then all of a sudden we would have this type of phenomenon

So these are preceptors which indicates a possible strokes

If we have one, two or maybe up to three indicators or symptoms,

Then we need to pay special attention

Yes, when you have a few indicators

Then you need to pay close attention

Not that you need all the indicators to be careful

Audience and friends

We just reviewed the nine precursors/indicators to stroke

We need to observe regularly

Sometimes when we are not self-aware

We may overlook and ignore the minor stroke symptoms


Welcome friends for returning again to Dr. Huang’s one needle therapy

We have just spoken about the indicators/symptoms for stroke

If a patient just had stroke and went to see you

How would you treat the patient?

In the United States, many patients after a stroke

First choose to see a western medical doctor

Because you do not know if it’s hemorrhaging or ischemic symptoms

With the exception of coincidence

that the patient is very close

and that it’s a very familiar patient, he would seek treatment from me

When we provide the first aid

All Chinese Medicine doctor knows to bleed, the 10 finger tips bleeding

Just to release a drop of blood or two from each of the ten finger tips

To reduce the Yang energy rapidly and reduce the brain pressure

It is such a principle

Of course, my one needle

is different than other’s treatment

There are more patients who come to see me

After they checked-out of the hospital.

You just said,

More patients come to see you after visiting the hospital

How would you treat this type of patient?

One is to assist the righteous, which we mentioned earlier, one is to expel the evil

The other that’s more special is to stimulate and activate the brain cells

Activation of the brain cells, this hasn’t been heard

How do you activate or stimulate the brain cells?

So, those who studied medicine knows that, in fact, brain cells cannot be resurrected.

My role in using acupuncture is not to resurrect or stimulate the dead brain cells but

Mainly is to say

After stroke, many neurons and pathways are dead

The surrounding nerve cell functions are inhibited

The condition becomes low in blood flow, low in metabolic rate and low in nutrient.

Acupuncture can actually stimulate these nerve cells

Achieving and effectively repair and activate

That is toward the periphery cells and not on the already dead cells

This is neural activation

Acupuncture is used to stimulate a reflex

Allowing the cortical blood flow to accelerate

to enhance and repair the damaged or semi-dormant cells.

A normal brain cell metabolism also recover to normal

Such activation

Is the main goal using acupuncture

Sounds like it’s easy to treat the sequelae of stroke

Our audience will be very curious to your acupuncture point selection

Of course, it is not easy to treat

After patients suffers from stroke

It’s a very long therapeutic treatment process

My main (acupuncture) point is Yamen

You mentioned Yamen, where is the acupuncture point?

And what is the point’s indication

Let’s us take a look

This point, it’s on the DU Meridian (Governing channel)

Yamen point is located just at bottom of the hair line

I should say this point is where

Du meridian’s Yang energy starts to decline

“Ya” means dumb and unable to make a sound

We can stimulate here

To stimulate a person’s Yang energy

“Men” in Yamen means door, which can be opened like a portal

Specifically, this point is used because

First is the closest to the brain

Secondly, is because for diseases caused by the brain

I want to use this point to effectively activate the brain and open the portal

This sounds like a very important point

Yes, very important, all the medical books have recording

This point cannot be punctured deep

So as to say when you treat using this point, you need to be very careful

Yes, this point needs to be very carefully managed

To effectively achieve the therapeutic effect and safely

We know that your acupuncture is very powerful and unique skill

In addition to acupuncture

If we have friends suffering from sequel of stroke

Are there other medications or methods to supplement to help them recover quickly

We can introduce

First choice is An Gong Niu Huang Wan (peaceful palace bezore pill)

It’s very good formula for clear heat, open portal, transform phlegm and detox

It’s used for patients who just went into a coma

Patients can wake up from the coma

What about after patients come out of the hospital?

They belong to the slow progressing over a long period of time

The symptoms of qi(energy) deficiency appear

Slowly begins to weaken, when qi(energy) and blood are both insufficient

We can use this formula:  Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (Tonify the Yang to return five formula)

Let’s introduce one more:  Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan (Jinseng resurrect pill)

These two formulas both can be used

There is also, in particular, an herb that not many people are aware of

But my patient, I would suggest for them to use

It’s Deng Zhan Hua (Flos Erigerontis)

This isn’t well known

Yes, Deng Zhan Hua

It’s what I would especially recommend to some of my patients

The efficacy is very good

It’s main indication is for treating sequel of stroke

The effect is excellent

So after we know the herbal formulas

Is there a treatment “Golden” period?

For stroke patients, the golden period is

The earlier the treatment, the better the effect

At the onset of the stroke, patients usually go to the hospital

Possibly after patients come out of the hospital, the sequel are being treated by adjuvant therapy

Many think of Chinese Medicine

Rather special because my acupuncture

That is of course the sooner the better for treatment purposes

For stroke within three months, the treatment effect will definitely be better.

If the stroke had occurred over three months in time, the treatment will drag longer possibly

So the earlier treatment, the better.

If later, the treatment is hopeful but therapy will take longer for the same effect.


Welcome back everyone to our show

Dr. Huang has just shared with us

The acupuncture and herbal treatment for sequela of stroke

Stroke sequelae of facial paralysis and facial palsy

Appear to have similar symptoms

Are the treatment methods also similar?

These two disorders are completely different

One is due to central nervous system and one is peripheral nerve

This is according to Western medicine

We differentiate with a small stroke compare to a big stroke

Chinese medicine categorized it as “mouth and eyes crooked slanted”

It’s main pathogen

Is due to wind cold evil invasion to the Yangming and Shaoyang meridians

These points on the face are associated with the meridians

We can explain a little later

Because the Qi and Blood are blocked within the meridians

So the muscle is looped and cannot relax

Resulting in easy stagnation of wind, cold, heat, and phlegm evil qi

Time wise, of course, to seek treatment immediately after stroke

The earlier the better

Are there any signs and indications precursors to facial palsy?

That we can be more self aware

Early symptoms of facial paralysis is numb sensation in the face

That you feel numbness, or upon touch, you do not feel the touch

The face feels hardened and numb

Ear pain, antihelix, ear canal pain and inside the ear

Of course this is different from the type of pain which from an otitis media

That pain is due to inflammation

Of course you shouldn’t mix them together

Of course if there is such symptom

You also want to think if there is numbness accompanying the symptoms

Another that’s easily diagnosed

Is if you stick out your tongue

Is your tongue in the center?

You take a look

If you can stick out your tongue in the center, then you are fine

If it’s slanted onto one side, then it’s not controllable

It sticks out crooked

It’s the muscle on one side that’s paralyzed

It’s not controllable by the nerve

Thus it goes off to one side

When you blow up your cheek, does the mouth have problem close?

Also, when you lift up your eyebrows, are there even lines on the forehead?

Wait until you really have none, all disappeared

Means you have facial palsy

If it’s just shallow, then it’s a precursor

Everyone up to a certain age,

Will have forehead lines correct?

Here it would be lighter on one side.

For example, left or right side becomes shallower

You should pay more attention, see if it’s an indication to facial palsy

Are the treatment same for facial palsy and stroke?

Is there a Golden Period?

Of course, the earlier the better

Usually, majority of facial paralysis patients are young

Male slightly more than female

Male being yang

When the yang becomes deficient, then it is easy for wind evil to enter the body

And male likes to eat more meat

Therefore the body has more heat

This is the reason

Of course, there are females who like to eat meat, correct

But on average, more male

Also, the treatment is most effective within one week of onset

Within a week is the best treatment time frame for facial palsy

Of course, early treatment can achieve a multiplier effect

Although this disease is caused by blood deficiency

At the beginning of the disease, do not tonify

It’s to say that patients having just suffered a stroke

You should never tonify, it’s what we Chinese Medical doctor called

Do not close the door and keep the burglar within

It’s not to let the evil stay in your body

You must expel the evil first, then slowly rebuild and tonify

So Dr. Huang, for facial palsy, which points would you select?

First point is Yi Feng

This point, if you look at the picture

It’s behind the earlobe

You press the lobe to the back, follow the skin, you will feel the depression, when you press on the point you will feel soreness.

In fact, we can regularly

You can often massage this point is also very good

Because it’s a point where the hand and food Shao Yang meridians intersect

This Yin Feng point

When we needle this point

When we apply the electro stimulation, the patient’s mouth

Which usually drools after a stroke

This would pull the mouth muscle back and even out the two sides

Some came in drooling, after one single treatment, the drooling stops

It’s amazing

Because one time a patient came into my clinic

Everyone sees the face and the mouth especially is crooked

After coming out of the treatment room after acupuncture one time

People saw it and said Wow! It’s straight, immediately straight!

Can facial palsy have full recovery?

We in the Chinese Medicine profession will possibly say

Even if you do not treat it, it should slowly self-recover

But very slowly

Possibly for elderly patients

If you do not treat it

Then it will not fully recover

So you must take haste and early is better than late

The golden period is treatment within one week of onset

Can you give me a case sample from your treatment?

Facial palsy patient usually seek Chinese Medicine as first choice

There are actually many of these types of patients

There was one typical female case

She was in her early 60 year of age

About three months

Maybe treated for over three years

The facial palsy have not recovered after three years of various treatments

So she came to me

She told me

I’ve seen many doctors

I am almost giving up for full recovery

But I heard your acupuncture is different

She came through another patient’s referral

I told her to try it

I cannot guarantee success for full recovery

But the effect on her was apparent

Because after only one treatment

We can show everyone

The before and after one single treatment comparison

You can see that the mouth is straight and the eyes are back

To normal

I was joking with her

Wow, you are pretty good looking!

Such a case is quite typical

Dr. Huang, can you give us and patients some advice for daily living?

For stroke patient,

if the golden period for treatment was missed,

it will be difficult for a complete recovery through therapy

In this respect, Chinese medicine also mentions lying-down on a long term will damage Qi (Energy)

Post treatment care is also very important for stroke patients

And the family’s loving tender care toward the patient

is also very important

I hope the family members can learn more in this aspect

to help the patient recover, which is very important

Dr. Huang, you just mentioned something which is important

Doctor sees the patient for treatment

But the family-care for the patient is crucial.

They need to have lots of patience and perseverance

Patient will also improve their conditions

through patience and perseverance

Thank you Dr. Huang for coming to our show today.

To share with us your valuable experiences

Thank you

Thank you

Thanks to our world-wide audience for viewing

Please join us next time for sharing the topic of

Pain management treatments